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Vehicle Imports

Our car imports are primarily made from the United States of America (USA) and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In the USA, ours cars are mainly sourced from IAAI.COM, COPART.COM and dealerships. In the UAE we make purchases from reputable dealerships. JAL will buy, tow and ship your vehicle from any

Collision Repair

JAL can and will repair all types of collision damages on your car, whether imported by us or not. Our collision repair work is second to none. Our team of welders and sprayers are some of the best in the industry who attend to every detail with diligence and with a quest for perfection.

Parts Import

There is an ever-growing demand for good quality vehicle parts, that do not only do the work they are installed to do but last for a long time. JAL imports good quality parts from suppliers who trade in top quality original and after market car parts.


We have on site mechanics whose specialty is the servicing of vehicles (irrespective of type or size).